Why Silver Canoe?

We often get the question “Why did you choose the name Silver Canoe?”…it’s a great question! What could a silver canoe possibly have to do with marketing? To us it was a simple iconic choice. A canoe itself is a genius invention. It is simple and efficient in design. It is graceful and yet stable. A canoe can transport us to another place and perhaps another time. In a canoe we can travel swiftly and quietly from where we are to where we need to be. And when it comes to transportation, a canoe is super efficient cost-wise. In addition, a silver canoe is also sleek and shiny and that’s just cool!!

We’d like to think that our work embodies the same aesthetic and characteristics. Our goal is to create simple, cost-effective solutions for our clients. At Silver Canoe Content we strive to be simple and elegant in design. Our wordsmithing transports people to another place and time. Like a silver canoe, we see ourselves and our clients moving forward swiftly and quietly, keeping customers delighted and engaged. And finally being sleek and shiny is a great way to stand out in the crowd!

When we were working through our own branding, the image of a well travelled silver canoe kept surfacing; the inherent characteristics, the simple yet beautiful lines and the straight-up simplicity. We jumped on it! (ps. we can do this branding exercise with you as well!!)

If you are ready to get your social marketing more than just under control, reach out… we’re excited to help you get your head above water and paddling upstream!

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